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4 Valli trail

by The Orange Line

Via Cascina, 5 

33028 Tolmezzo ( Ud)

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4 VALLEYS trail

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IL 4 VALLI trail is a challenging amid nature activity where the focus is on experience, not performance. A tour in the mountains always involves risks. You must always keep this in mind when deciding to tackle IL 4VALLI. Mountains increase the risk of possible accidents and injuries (high altitude, climate change, risk of falling, falling rocks, cold, storms, animals, including wild animals, etc.). The tour must be faced with a considerable degree of personal responsibility and prudence, as well as adequate preparation of the stage or stages, in order not to find yourself in difficulty. It is therefore recommended to face the tour, prepared both in terms of physical shape and with adequate equipment, both for the climate and for any mechanical damage.
The signage of the route can indicate the wrong route, all caused by bad weather or vandalism, you may also encounter transit impediments (fallen trees or impassable fords) in this regard, the Maps, compass and GPS help to find the road, are of fundamental importance to always have with you.

In particular we point out the following points, which are and cannot fail to be decisive: - excellent physical condition (the route includes stretches of considerable prolonged slope - STENTARY-) - Ask your doctor for a physical check before departure - Allow all the time necessary for any accidents - cancel the tour in good time before dark; - The routes are natural paths, some of which are somewhat difficult to tackle, this requires some experience with the bike. It is advisable to tackle the 4VALLI not alone, but in a group, to be able to tackle any problems more easily, if you face the tour alone, remember, when possible, to inform a relative or friend about your position (a locator would be ideal) We remind you that you face the route in the high mountains, where the climate can change suddenly, therefore appropriate clothing and supplies food and water must never be missing.

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